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Traumpfädchen Eifelturmpfad Boos

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  • Booser Doppelmaar
    Booser Doppelmaar
    Photo: Klaus-Peter Kappest, Klaus-Peter Kappest
m 600 550 500 4,0 3,5 3,0 2,5 2,0 1,5 1,0 0,5 km Wassertretbecken Boos Eifelturm Ökohof Halfmann Maarkessel Parkplatz

An entertaining and attractive tour which leads past the Double Maar of Boos and goes around the Schneeberg before ending up in the tranquil Eifel village of Boos. Its most characteristic feature is the 25-metre “Boos Eifel Tower”, which offers fantastic far-reaching views over the Volcanic Eifel and as far as the Nürburg.

Distance 4.1 km
1:30 h
121 m
121 m
544 m
476 m

Highlights of the Traumpfädchen 

  • Eifel Tower (25 metres high)
  • Wading pool with herb garden
  • Eifel village of Boos
  • Far-reaching views of the Volcanic Eifel and the Nürburg
  • Double Maar of Boos
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Update: January 25, 2023
Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
Highest point
544 m
Lowest point
476 m
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Track types

Asphalt 15.36%Dirt road 42.21%Forested/wild trail 42.41%
0.6 km
Dirt road
1.7 km
Forested/wild trail
1.7 km
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Rest stops

Eifelhotel Fuchs in Boos

Safety information

Hikers like narrow pathways, unspoilt natural trails (leading over the forest floor, across the grass or alongside streams) and rocky climbs which lead to spectacular views. It goes without saying that particular care should be exercised when taking such routes.


Things to bear in mind when preparing for your hike 


  • Wear proper clothing that is appropriate to the weather conditions and that will protect you against the cold and the wet or the heat and the sun.
  • Schedule suitable breaks during your hike and make sure that you conserve energy.
  • Take sufficient liquids with you. Establishments selling refreshments are not available everywhere.
  • When hiking on the Traumpfade, please wear appropriate hiking boots which provide a sufficient foothold on slippery, steep, rocky and uneven paths.
  • If you do not feel that you are able to negotiate certain parts of the route, then you should avoid such sections or else turn back. Natural pathways may become muddy and treacherous, especially in unfavourable weather.
  • In autumn in particular, please remember that leaves lying on the ground may be concealing bumps, routes, stones or holes in the path.
  • You will need to expect route impairments of this kind if you are intending to undertake a hike.
  • Before setting out, visit https://www.traumpfade.info/traumpfaedchen/wege-status/ in order to find out whether the route you intend to hike is closed or whether diversions are in place. Construction works, timber felling or other disruptions may also be planned.
  • Recommended hiking season: April to October

Tips and hints

Touristik-Büro Vordereifel, Tel.: +49 (0)2651/800995, tourismus@vordereifel.de, www.naturerlebnis-vordereifel.de

Projektbüro Traumpfade, Tel.: +49 (0)261/108419, info@traumpfade.info, www.traumpfade.info


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56729 Boos, volcano park station near Boos (L 94) (523 m)
50.310090, 7.003103
50°18'36.3"N 7°00'11.2"E
32U 357816 5575015


56729 Boos, volcano park station near Boos (L 94)

Turn-by-turn directions

The Traumpfädchen “Eifelturmpfad Boos” begins at the “Vulkanparkstation Booser Doppelmaar” car park a short distance outside the village of Boos. The tour is best completed in a clockwise direction, and we begin by following the striking blue and white logo along the access path that will take us to the start of the Traumpfad. We are soon immersed in a forest. Proceeding downwards, we arrive at the “Schemel” car park, where our first rest area is located. From this position on the edge of the woods, our attention is first attracted by the western Maar of Boos, the water of which glistens in the sun. Our view of the eastern Maar, which will be revealed a brief while later following a short woodland section, is less prepossessing because of the meadows and copses which cover its base. We pass a bench before the Traumpfädchen takes a short but very sharp upwards turn. Benches and a shelter at the top of this section provide a good place to take a break and regain our breath.

The route then follows the edge of the Schneeberg, offering good views along the way. We then follow a short rising pathway to the centrepiece of our tour – the “Boss Eifel Tower”. Made of wood, the tower is 25 metres high. Going up is highly recommended, especially on a clear day, in order to enjoy superb views of the Volcanic Eifel and the Nürburg. Once we have taken full advantage of the vistas from the tower, we rejoin the Traumpfädchen. It leads out onto a wide pathway which also forms part of the Booser Doppelmaartour Traumpfad. At this point, an optional detour may be made to the lava bomb outcrop situated only 100 metres away. The actual route, however, turns left and continues across open terrain. Fabulous views over to the Nürburg can be enjoyed during this stretch. A little further on, two benches offer a peaceful opportunity to take in views of Boos. Only a few strides now separate us from the next crossroads, where the Traumpfad takes its final leave and disappears off to the left. The Traumpfädchen Eifelturmpfad swings to the right and heads towards the Eifel village of Boos a little way below us.

The route takes a few twists and turns as it approaches Boos. If the weather is favourable, it is worth making a quick detour to the wading pool and the herb garden. We then continue along Schulstraße in the village centre. Passing the local inn, we arrive at the nearby church. We ascend some steps to a somewhat winding pathway which will take us out to the edge of the village. The route rises gently as we emerge back into open countryside. The Eifelturmpfad turns left at the first opportunity onto a meadow way which leads very leisurely uphill. At the edge of the forest, there is a chance to rest on a bench in order to enjoy the natural surroundings. The route then dips for a final short woodland section. We pass a forest lounger and arrive back at the hikers’ car park at the end of a highly diverting and attractive 4-kilometre tour.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

Destination stop: Boos, Doppelmaar/parking lot

Line 377 FreizeitBus: Mayen-Kürrenberg-Nachtsheim-Boos-Bermel-Monreal-Mayen (01.04. to 01.11.)

Destination stop: Boos, Kintergarten

Line 380 RegioBus: direction Kaisersesche to Kürrenberg, Bürgerhaus - from Kürrenberg, Bürgerhaus line 382 direction Boos 



Getting there

A 48 exit Mayen/Mendig - B 258 direction Nürburgring - in Kreuznick direction Gerolstein/Boos on B 410 - behind Boos on L 94 direction Nürburgring

56729 Boos, volcano park station near Boos (L 94)


56729 Boos, volcano park station Booser Doppelmaar (L94)

56729 Parking lot at the youth center (Schulstraße 1)


50.310090, 7.003103
50°18'36.3"N 7°00'11.2"E
32U 357816 5575015
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

  • Wanderführer: Ein Schöner Tag "traumpfädchen", Ulrike Poller & Wolfgang Todt, ISBN: 978-3-942779-49-4, 
  • Traumpfade & Traumpfädchen Band  2: Die 19 besten Premium-Rundwanderungen in der Vordereifel, Ulrike Poller & Wolfgang Todt ISBN: 978-3-934342-61-3 

Author’s map recommendations

  • Traumpfädchen Übersichtskarte mit allen 10 Traumpfädchen.


Surefootedness and a head for heights are required in some sections.

You should not embark upon the tours in icy conditions. 

Robust footwear is recommended!

Details of route closures can be found at:  https://www.traumpfade.info/traumpfaedchen/wege-status/


The Traumpfädchen are not suitable for prams or rollator users.


Questions and answers

Question from Emma Moggert · May 04, 2020 · Community
Iste der Wanderweg inzwischen wieder freigegeben?
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Das Traumpfädchen ist nicht gesperrt. Es kann jederzeit erwandert werden. Gesperrt ist der Eifelturm - der Aussichtsturm - auf dem Weg.


Detlef Gebert
September 09, 2022 · Community
Ein kurzes Traumpfädchen mit einigen steilen Anstiegen. Diese werden aber mit tollen Aussichten belohnt. Der Blick vom Eifelturm auf die Vulkaneifel ist grandios.
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Wander Verliebt
March 10, 2021 · Community
Ein schöner kurzer Spaziergang mit einem kurzen, knackigen Anstieg über Hangpfade hinauf zum Turm. Dieser ist allerdings momentan (Stand: Ende Februar 2021) gesperrt. Danach gibt es ein paar entspannte Feldwege mit schöner Aussicht auf Boos und die umliegende Eifellandschaft.
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When did you do this route? February 23, 2021
Video: Wander Verliebt, WanderVerliebt
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4.1 km
1:30 h
121 m
121 m
Highest point
544 m
Lowest point
476 m
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