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Traumpfädchen Kleiner Stern

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  • Ausblicke ins Rheintal
    Ausblicke ins Rheintal
    Photo: Klaus-Peter Kappest, Traumpfade im Rhein-Mosel-Eifel-Land

An entertaining trail which leads across open fields and through quiet mixed woodland areas. Hikers are constantly greeted by breath-taking views of the Rhine, of Andernach, of Namedy and of the Neuwied Basin.

Distance 6.7 km
2:00 h
160 m
160 m
317 m
160 m

Highlights of the Traumpfädchen 

  • Breath-taking views of the Rhine
  • Viewing point
  • One of Germany’s best “wine views”, as chosen in 2016
  • High Cross
  • Quiet field sections

Author’s recommendation

  • Der Weg ist derzeit insbesondere an den Wochenenden und Feiertagen sehr stark frequentiert ist. Wir empfehlen Ihnen nach Möglichkeit auf die Wochentage (Mo- Fr) auszuweichen.
  • Bitte prüfen Sie, ob eine Anreise über den ÖPNV möglich ist und verzichten auf eine Anreise mit eigenem PKW.   

  • Parkplatz: 

    Sie gelangen am Ende der Straße „In der Felster“ auf eine Anhöhe. Bitte beachten Sie, dass es sich hierbei noch nicht um den Parkplatz des Traumpfädchens handelt. Bitte folgen Sie der Parkplatz-Beschilderung und biegen rechts ab, bis Sie zum Parkplatz und somit zum Einstiegspunkt des Traumpfädchens „Kleiner Stern“ gelangen. An dieser Stelle sind ausreichende Parkmöglichkeit vorhanden. Ein Parken am Ende der Straße „In der Felster“ ist zu unterlassen, da dies erhebliche Beeinträchtigungen von Anwohnern, Landwirtschaft und für die evtl. Anfahrt von Rettungsfahrzeugen zur Folge hat. 

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Nicole Pfeifer
Update: March 28, 2023
Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
Highest point
317 m
Lowest point
160 m
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Rest stops

Residenz Hotel am Martinsberg
Parkhotel am Schänzchen
Hotel am Helmwartsturm
Hotel Villa am Rhein
Hotel zum Anker
Ai Pero PURS Authentic Italian Restaurant
Am Ochsentor PURS Classic Boutique Hotel
Hotel Burgklause GmbH
monte mare Hotel

Safety information

Safety guidance – stay safe whilst hiking on the Traumpfade/Traumpfädchen

Hikers like narrow pathways, unspoilt natural trails (leading over the forest floor, across the grass or alongside streams) and rocky climbs which lead to spectacular views. It goes without saying that particular care should be exercised when taking such routes. 

Things to bear in mind when preparing for your hike 

  • Wear proper clothing that is appropriate to the weather conditions and that will protect you against the cold and the wet or the heat and the sun.
  • Schedule suitable breaks during your hike and make sure that you conserve energy.
  • Take sufficient liquids with you. Establishments selling refreshments are not available everywhere.
  • When hiking on the Traumpfade, please wear appropriate hiking boots which provide a sufficient foothold on slippery, steep, rocky and uneven paths.
  • If you do not feel that you are able to negotiate certain parts of the route, then you should avoid such sections or else turn back. Natural pathways may become muddy and treacherous, especially in unfavourable weather.
  • In autumn in particular, please remember that leaves lying on the ground may be concealing bumps, routes, stones or holes in the path.
  • You will need to expect route impairments of this kind if you are intending to undertake a hike.
  • Before setting out, visit https://www.traumpfade.info/traumpfaedchen/wege-status/ in order to find out whether the route you intend to hike is closed or whether diversions are in place. Construction works, timber felling or other disruptions may also be planned.
  • Recommended hiking season: April to October

Tips and hints

Andernach.net, Tel.: +49 (0)2632/9879480, info@andernach.net,   www.andernach-tourismus.de 

Projektbüro Traumpfade, Tel.: +49 (0)261/108419,   www.traumpfade.info info@traumpfade.info



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56226 Andernach, Parkplatz Krahnenberg (187 m)
50.442714, 7.388075
50°26'33.8"N 7°23'17.1"E
32U 385545 5589097


56226 Andernach, Parkplatz Krahnenberg

Turn-by-turn directions

The “Kleiner Stern” is a charming Traumpfädchen which begins at the Krahnenberg car park. Starting at the bus stop used by the share taxi, we take a set of steps leading downwards. A viewing point offering fabulous vistas of the Rhine and the town of Andernach is located a short distance away to the left. A footpath then takes us past the “Krahnenburg” (House) and on into a copse. Shortly afterwards, there is an opportunity to take in more views of the Rhine from a bench. We then arrive at a decorative stele marking the “Best Middle Rhine Wine View 2016”. A pretty prospect of the valley below can be enjoyed from a further bench. This triple point represents the start of the tour proper,

which is best completed in an anti-clockwise direction so as to be able to experience the Neuwied Basin on the way back. Following the E8 path/Rheinhöhenweg, we proceed straight ahead along the edge of a field. However, the landscape quickly changes to attractive mixed deciduous forest. Occasional benches provide an opportunity to rest as well as permitting glimpses of Namedy. The landing stage located next to the famous Andernach Geyser, which is capable of shooting jets of water up to a height of 60 metres, is also clearly visible below. The geyser itself, however, is concealed by foliage.

The woods gradually become denser and start to swallow up the sounds of the Rhine Valley. Once we reach a shelter, the route bends sharply to the left and takes us to the very edge of the forest. We turn right onto a pathway which continues steadily uphill. At a right-hand fork in the route, our Traumpfädchen leaves the E8 and ascends further through the woods. After a brief right-left turn, we emerge onto a wide forest path. We follow this to the left in order to arrive at the nearby High Cross at the forest’s fringe. Once again, benches are available to take in the far-reaching views.

We now embark on a significant descent down through the forest and out into open country. Here, the broad panorama is dominated by the conical shapes so typical of the Volcanic Eifel. At a point many metres lower, the pathway breaks off to the left and hugs the edge of the slope as it wends its way through the fields in an easterly direction with some twists.

Just before reaching the entrance to the car park, we turn off to the left and once more find ourselves at the “Best Middle Rhine Wine View 2016”. The return route to the car park via the viewing point is already familiar to us.

Public transport

Long-distance or regional transport

from/to Andernach train station by long-distance or regional traffic


Line 313 from Andernach train station:

Call line ride, please register up to 60 min. before departure: (02633) 2009600 (6-22 o'clock),groups from 5 pers. up to 2 working days before departure(02633)2009600 call.

Destination stop: Krahnenberg 2


By road

B 9 exit Andernach-West/Nickenich/Maria Laach - in the direction of Büropark Rennweg - after the traffic circle continue on Kirchberg - turn left onto Krahnenbergstraße (follow the signs to Krahnenberg) - this turns into the street "In der Felster" - at the top of the street turn right to the Krahnenberg parking lot (signposted).


56626 Andernach, parking lot Krahnenberg (Krahnenberg).

++You will reach a hill at the end of the street "In der Felster". Please note that this is not yet the parking lot of the Traumpfädchen. Please follow the parking lot signs and turn right until you reach the parking lot and thus the entry point of the dream trail "Kleiner Stern". There are sufficient parking facilities at this point. Parking at the end of the street "In der Felster" is to be refrained from, since this causes considerable disturbances for residents, agriculture and for the possible approach of emergency vehicles.++



50.442714, 7.388075
50°26'33.8"N 7°23'17.1"E
32U 385545 5589097
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

  • Ein Schöner Tag "traumpfädchen", Ulrike Poller & Wolfgang Todt, ISBN: 978-3-942779-49-4, 
  • Traumpfade & Traumpfädchen Band  1: Die 18 besten Premium-Rundwanderungen an Rhein und Mosel, Ulrike Poller & Wolfgang Todt ISBN: 978-3-942779-64-7


Surefootedness and a head for heights are required in some sections.

You should not embark upon the tours in icy conditions.

Robust footwear is recommended!

Details of route closures can be found at:  https://www.traumpfade.info/traumpfaedchen/wege-status/


The Traumpfädchen are not suitable for prams or rollator users.


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Questions and answers

Profile picture of Horst Meuer
Question from Horst Meuer · July 06, 2022 · Community
Wer ist hier eigentlich der Wegeparte? Wege teilweise nicht Gemäht . Sitze möglichkeiten nicht Gemäht. Schlechter Zustand des Traumpächen. Note 4 von 10
Show more
Answered by E. Wendt · July 06, 2022 · Community
Hallo, der Traumpfad wird durch die Rhein-Mosel- Eifel-Touristik verwaltet. Einfach anrufen oder ne E-Mail schicken. Man kümmert sich mit Sicherheit schnell. Gruß Eddie W. Traumpfade & Traumpfädchen der Rhein-Mosel-Eifel-Touristik Bahnhofstraße 9 56068 Koblenz Telefon: +49 (0) 261/108-419 Telefax: +49 (0) 261/300 27 97 E-Mail: info@traumpfade.info
Question from Martina Seydel · May 24, 2020 · Community
Darf ich am Mittwoch am Krahnenberg parken?
Show more
Answered by Ulrike Olschewsky  · May 24, 2020 · Community
Hallo, das weiß ich leider nicht.
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Anika Maier-Weckop
May 21, 2023 · Community
Sehr schöner Weg für die ganze Familie. Auch unser 4 jähriger hat die Tour sehr gut geschafft. Nur das erste Stück durch das Feld müsste besser gemäht werden.
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When did you do this route? May 21, 2023
Photo: Anika Maier-Weckop, Community
Photo: Anika Maier-Weckop, Community
Christoph Spanier
May 18, 2023 · Community
Sehr nette kleine Runde mit gut zu laufenden Waldabschnitten, Wiesen und Feldwegen. Auch gut für Familien zu gehen - die Aufstiege sind nicht zu steil. Viele Sitz- und Rastmöglichkeiten.
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Abwechslungsreicher Weg m schönen Aussichten
Photo: Christoph Spanier, CC BY, Community
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2:00 h
160 m
160 m
Highest point
317 m
Lowest point
160 m
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