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Traumpfädchen Nette Romantikpfad

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  • In der Auenlandschaft
    In der Auenlandschaft
    Photo: Klaus-Peter Kappest, Traumpfade im Rhein-Mosel-Eifel-Land

A natural idyll between the Nette and the Maifeld

A wildly romantic and exciting tour which wends its way between the Maifeld and the Nette Valley. Walkers will be enthused by unique views of an enchanting meadow landscape and by the magnificent prospects of the Nette Valley and the Michelberg.

Distance 7.5 km
2:45 h
215 m
215 m
236 m
143 m

Highlights of the Traumpfädchen 

  • Views of the Nette Valley
  • Rocky pathway
  • River meadow landscape
  • Views of the Michelberg
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Nicole Pfeifer
Update: March 28, 2023
Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
Highest point
236 m
Lowest point
143 m
Best time of year

Track types

Asphalt 10.23%Dirt road 37.64%Forested/wild trail 12.61%Path 39.50%
0.8 km
Dirt road
2.8 km
Forested/wild trail
0.9 km
3 km
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Rest stops

Hotel-Restaurant Zur Post

Safety information

Safety guidance – stay safe whilst hiking on the Traumpfade/Traumpfädchen

Hikers like narrow pathways, unspoilt natural trails (leading over the forest floor, across the grass or alongside streams) and rocky climbs which lead to spectacular views. It goes without saying that particular care should be exercised when taking such routes.

 Things to bear in mind when preparing for your hike   

  • Wear proper clothing that is appropriate to the weather conditions and that will protect you against the cold and the wet or the heat and the sun.
  • Schedule suitable breaks during your hike and make sure that you conserve energy.
  • Take sufficient liquids with you. Establishments selling refreshments are not available everywhere.
  • When hiking on the Traumpfade, please wear appropriate hiking boots which provide a sufficient foothold on slippery, steep, rocky and uneven paths.
  • If you do not feel that you are able to negotiate certain parts of the route, then you should avoid such sections or else turn back. Natural pathways may become muddy and treacherous, especially in unfavourable weather.
  • In autumn in particular, please remember that leaves lying on the ground may be concealing bumps, routes, stones or holes in the path.
  • You will need to expect route impairments of this kind if you are intending to undertake a hike.
  • Before setting out, visit https://www.traumpfade.info/traumpfaedchen/wege-status/ in order to find out whether the route you intend to hike is closed or whether diversions are in place. Construction works, timber felling or other disruptions may also be planned.
  • Recommended hiking season: April to October

Tips and hints

Tourist-Information Maifeld, Tel.: +49 (0)2605/9615026,  touristik@maifeld.dehttps://www.maifeld.de/tourismus-kultur/

Projektbüro Traumpfade, Tel.: +49 (0)261/108419,  info@traumpfade.info, www.traumpfade.info

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56299 Ochtendung (Schillerstraße 12) (171 m)
50.346400, 7.376776
50°20'47.0"N 7°22'36.4"E
32U 384509 5578405


56299 Ochtendung (Schillerstraße 12)

Turn-by-turn directions

Our route begins at the Jakob-Vogt-Stadion car park in Ochtendung. Because the trail is best enjoyed in an anti-clockwise direction, we start by following Schillerstraße towards Hauptstraße before turning off left into a meadow at a stone cross. A few metres later, we come across a tree-lined pathway which runs alongside the L 98. We quickly leave the village behind us as a field track veers off to the left away from the road. The path rises gently to become a broad farm lane, and we continue by turning off to the right to head across the fields. Once the edge of the woods is reached, the Traumpfädchen makes a half-right turn into the trees. Our route is now enveloped in soothing greenery. After a brief descent, we join the Nette-Natur-Weg. The two trails lead us on an attractive and slightly uphill pathway to a crossroads on the Oberwerthshöhe. We need to pay attention at this point since we will encounter this intersection on the way back. We now follow the logos to the right, down into the valley towards the Nette. We pass through fabulous woodland scenery and descend into natural flood plains. The valley spreads out romantically before us to provide heavenly moments of peace and quiet and relaxation. Our route gently winds through the alluvial forest. We soon hear the splashing of the Engelsbach, a small stream which the route follows into a side valley. The varied woodland makes the time pass quickly and distracts our thoughts from the climb which lies ahead. When the route flattens out, the logos indicate that we should turn left. We now proceed alongside the headwaters of the Engelsbach Valley and reach the southernmost point of our tour. Turning sharply to the left, we join a trail which runs virtually level before becoming a highly interesting rocky pathway. Oak coppices and mixed woodland give way to one another whilst individual rocks and gleaming broom provide highlights along the way. This is a wonderful section which is enriched further as we obtain our first views. Perfect happiness is achieved once we arrive at an imposing cliff face. A lounger stands ready on the side of the slope, from which we are able to savour a fantastic outlook over the Nette Valley. A few metres further, there is also a bench on which to rest whilst continuing to take in the scenery. From this idyllic spot, the Traumpfädchen leads back down to the Oberwerthshöhe crossroads, already a familiar sight to us. This time, we turn right to go uphill. After crossing the top, our path reaches the edge of the woods. The logos now send hikers off to the right, through open fields and onto a tarmac track. This leads to the left and takes us through some shrub land known locally as Schäfersbüsch. This, however, is quickly traversed. The views out over the Michelberg which greet us once we emerge form the culmination of our tour. We head straight on, following the logos back to the village where our 7.5-kilometre route began.

Public transport

Destination stop:

Ochtendung, Schillerstraße

Bus routes: 350 RegioBus: Mayen-Hausen-Ochtendung-(Saffig-)Bassenheim-Rübenach-Koblenz 



By road

A 48 / A61 exit Ochtendung - follow L117 to Ochtendung - in Ochtendung follow Polcher Straße - turn sharp left into Hauptstraße - follow this street to Schillerstraße 12 (parking Jakob-Vogt-Stadion)


56299 Ochtendung, parking lot Jakob-Vogt-Stadion (Schillerstraße 12)


50.346400, 7.376776
50°20'47.0"N 7°22'36.4"E
32U 384509 5578405
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

  •  Ein schöner Tag Eifel/Mosel/ Rhein Traumpfädchen, Ulrike Poller & Wolfgang Todt, ISBN: 978-3-942779-456-3


Surefootedness and a head for heights are required in some sections.

You should not embark upon the tours in icy conditions. 

Robust footwear is recommended!

Details of route closures can be found at:  https://www.traumpfade.info/traumpfaedchen/wege-status/


The Traumpfädchen are not suitable for prams or rollator users.


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Questions and answers

Question from Peter Hehl · May 28, 2023 · Community
Hallo, wir sind die Strecke heute zum zweiten Mal gegangen. Ein sehr schöner Weg. Uns ist aber auch beim zweiten Mal aufgefallen, dass die Strecke nur rund 6 km lang ist. Richtig?
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Answered by Andrea Scherschel · May 28, 2023 · Community
ja, das stimmt
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Question from Andreas Gassen · June 15, 2021 · Community
Hallo, In der Nähe vom Sportplatz soll ein Spielplatz sein. Wo ist der denn genau, wir haben da nirgendwo einen gefunden. Nur das letzte Hinweisschild am Straßenrand.
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Answered by Michael Krämer · June 15, 2021 · Community
Hallo, ich bin dort zuhause. Einen Spielplatz kenne ich dort auch nicht. Es liegt zwischen dem Sportplatz und der Landstraße nur eine kleine Mountainbikestrecke für Kinder.
1 more reply
Question from Guido Unger · February 21, 2021 · Community
Wie kann ich die Tour jetzt starten?
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Profile picture of Jannis KÖSE
Jannis KÖSE
August 07, 2022 · Community
Auch diesen Weg, mit dem hochtrabenden Namen Romantikpfad haben wir unter die Füße genommen und waren "dank" ca. 4 - 5 km Feldweg und etwas Wald maßlos enttäuscht. Von Pfädchen und Romantik keine Spur! Kann man sich kplt. sparen. 🥴😏
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7.5 km
2:45 h
215 m
215 m
Highest point
236 m
Lowest point
143 m
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